11903651_396044610595185_6940909396642022612_oDonate $10 to Wolf Patrol and we will send you 5 stickers! Just make sure to write ‘stickers’ in the notes section when you donate.


Proceeds from the sales of the artworks below go to furthering Wolf Patrol’s work in the field. We have no paid employees, so 100% of the funds we receive go directly to our campaigns. If you are interested in contributing artworks or other items as fundraisers for Wolf Patrol, please get in touch

Click on the image for more information and how to purchase it.

8 thoughts on “Store

  1. Get a life Wolfe is killing livestock that’s when it’s time to step in and take them out there is a reason the old timers killed them off


    • get an education about wolves before you defend such foolishness – the old timers did things out of fear & have made things far worse for all of us!


    • This is an inane comment
      Only thing will be left on four legs bigger than a dog will be a cow if u hunters have your way to wipe out other species
      Your speciesism is rancid
      Cleanup your soul and contribute to the well being of our planet and all species


  2. Thank you for your tireless efforts to protect our dwindling wolf population. The tactics of hunters in Wisconsin are vicious. It has got to be stopped.


  3. To Rod & the YWP,
    I’m rooting for the YWP & appreciate this website. Your efforts will result in more people becoming wolf advocates!


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