Media Release: Activists Monitoring Hound Hunting & Snaring of Wolves in Wisconsin for Illegal Activity

With the beginning of the hound hunt for wolves in Wisconsin, the wildlife advocacy group, Great Lakes Wolf Patrol (GLWP) is continuing its monitoring of the wolf hunt, with nine members patrolling areas open to hound hunting for illegal activity and snaring. In October, GLWP conducted an investigation into Wisconsin wolf trapping, which resulted in documentation of an illegal wolf trap in Douglas County. The evidence was turned over to Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) which conducted its own investigation, which concluded that the documented wolf trap was indeed illegal.

On November 20, Great Lakes Wolf Patrol met with DNR Chief Warden, Todd Scheller and other enforcement personnel to discuss the trapping investigation, GLWP’s monitoring project and the upcoming hound hunt for wolves. Patrol members reviewed hound hunting guidelines and informed DNR officials that while GLWP advocates for a total ban on the hound hunting of wolves, we intend to only gather video and photographic documentation of the wolf hunt, to be used to educate the public and legally fight for a complete ban on the hound hunting of wolves. “We believe that this hunt is unethical and against all manner of fair chase. This isn’t a hunt, it’s another DNR approved policy of running down wildlife with dogs.” says Rod Coronado, founder of GLWP.

Great Lakes Wolf Patrol also has been informed that Wisconsin’s wolf hunt will not end when the statewide quota reaches 150, as was earlier reported, but will be allowed to continue until the remaining open areas (Zones 3 & 6) have filled their individual quotas (40 & 35). A major reason for GLWP’s presence in the hound hunt is because legal wolf kills are exceeding pre-determined quotas, such as in Zone 2 where the quota was 15, but allowable kills were 29. In the meeting with DNR, patrol members were told that the agency has no clear idea how many hound hunters will be out in the field today on opening day of the hound hunt. Our presence is intended to not only document the hunt, but also patrol hound hunters for illegal hunting practices such as hunting with more than the legally allowed six hounds, or allowing their dogs to bite or attack wolves.

Great Lakes Wolf Patrol’s monitoring location will vary, depending on hounding locations, but will continue until Wisconsin’s wolf hunt officially ends. Patrol members will then provide the public and DNR with our findings. DNR enforcement officials also GLWP members that during our October wolf trap monitoring project, that they did not receive a single complaint and that the DNR relies on the eyes and ears of citizens such as GLWP to investigate illegal hunting activities in Wisconsin. Contact:

8 thoughts on “Media Release: Activists Monitoring Hound Hunting & Snaring of Wolves in Wisconsin for Illegal Activity

  1. I contacted the DNR to express my concerns and to get clarification why they are allowed to shoot more than the quote is legal. Still waiting for a answer……they have no clue what they are doing and are not even professional enough to responding to questions in emails if they don’t like the question….


  2. It’s very worrisome – this hound season probably should have ended by this evening with so few wolves left under the ‘quota’ – and I’m sure that in order to get their ‘fair share’ the hound hunters will not be reporting their wolf kills. What a mess. Disgusting.


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  4. I talked to 3 people at the DNR, and no one has a clue how many wolves were killed over the week end, I can’t get any information on zones 3 nor 6 about the quotas that are already reported. FB has a kill near Ashland of 13. Cathe Stepp needs to shut this whole thing down NOW, and I left a message to that effect with her staff.


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