In Their Own Words: Coyote Hound Hunters Describe A Typical Winter Hunt

Another bloody dog fight shared on the private Facebook page, “Northeast Hunting with Hounds on March 5, 2023.

Had Scott my brother, Pat, and Rick hunting today with Hatchet and Pebbles. Steve hunting with his hounds and a couple friends. Found good tracks crossing into small piece. We dropped Hatchet and he took track all the way to opposite corner about a mile away. The 2 coyotes circled back and crossed out before we got them jumped with hounds. They diagonaled across this woods and made it to huge woods with at least 150 deer wintering in it. Hatchet and Pebbles pounded coyotes on and off for about 3 hours. Had a split hunt going at one time. Thought I was in Africa on the Serengeti with the unbelievable amount of deer that poured out!

The red track is that of a loose hound chasing coyotes in a winter deer yard in upstate New York 03/05/23.

Pat and Scott went in the woods. Pat had a visual on a Grey coyote but no shot. Dogs got back on same yote and put by my brother who got some lead into it. While this was going on sniper Rick had a big yote come out of woods and sit on edge on top of a big pile. He had his 22-250 and threw a shot at the coyote at 270 yards. He saw yote fall but fell behind pile. He walked in and had massive amounts of blood but yote was gone. Good blood trail.

Evidence of another typical and vicious battle between a wounded coyote and pursuing hounds on March 5, 2023.

He followed aways but had no gun with him so came back to his truck. We planned to come back and put hound on later after we take care of bay that Hatchet and Pebbles had going. They bayed yote up 400 yards from where Scott shot it with #4 buck. He tried to sneak into bay to dispatch but coyote took off.

Where a wounded coyote stopped to face the hounds, typically called a “bay.”

Pebbles is a little gun shy so now she didn’t want nothing to do with bay. Scott took her to truck and I drove 7 miles and picked Zues up. Got back and Hatchet was bayed again 550 yards from road . Cut Zues who got to him. Scott was just getting to bay when he saw Zues and yote rolling on ground. He rushed in and yote took off again.

Coyote hounds doing what they are trained to do, track, trail, fight and kill their wild cousins.

Tackled in 89 yards by Zues, this time Hatchet grabbed yote by neck and had pinned down. Both hounds where all over it. He rushed in and put barrel to head and finished it. Don’t need any vet bills. Hounds did get bite juries from the fight. Nothing major. Coyote had mange so Pic only and left it in woods.

Just the latest in many coyotes this New York hound hunter has brutally killed and left in the woods. Notice the two front legs have been shot off.

Back to wounded coyote. Rick and Pat walked Zues to last spot he tracked. They kept on leash and followed. They caught upto yote. Rick had shot both front legs off from knee down. Big coyote. Enjoy the pics!

Vermonters have the opportunity to end coyote hunting with hounds once and for all.

Please contact your elected representatives and let them know you support H.323 An act relating to prohibiting the hunting of bear or coyote with dogs.